Websites for Tour Operator

Websites for tourism companies

We offer excellent services for your website. The entire value chain, we can map together with our partner source lounge. Starting with consulting and conception to screendesign and technical implementation through to support after release your website online, we offer everything from a single source. The focus is always on the customer requirement in connection with our years of experience in the implementation of web projects.

In coordination with our pilot partners, which consist of a group of tour operators and experts from the industry, the interaction between our product VIATOR Workspace and the accessibility to websites is constantly further developed. We rely on the latest technologies such as HTML5 and CSS3, and javascript, node.js and Ext JS.

„Every tour operator wants to offer its own products on the Internet, to increase its online sales. This requires a good trackable website, which is also callable and operated on mobile decives. In additon, the travel website has to represent the travels clearly structured, so that the visitors can find their way directly and navigate to their target. The target is to book a travel. Therefore, we have made the decision for VIATOR and the workspace combined with our new website.“ Jens Schlotzhauer –

The combination of website and VIATOR Workspace provides the ability to bring travel products on your website and load travel bookings directly from your website to the administration tool and to further editing. For this approach, we have developed a travel-modules-website with our partners, which accomplish most of the requirements of the travel operators and also transfer the travel bookings for further processing in the VIATOR Workspace. Because of standardization of structure and technology, we can offer such great travel-module-websites in modern designs.

If we aroused your interest, please contact us at any time. We look forward to your call!